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Stem Cell Transplant For Kidney Disease

We can say that Stem Cell Therapy is the most efficient treatment for people with kidney disease. Its application makes dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer the only choice. No matter which type of kidney disease you are suffering from, you are still expected to live a normal life as the damaged kidneys can be saved. Now follow us to learn more about Stem Cell Therapy.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are pluripotent cells with strong power of self-replicating and directional differentiation. They are original and immature cells and have the potential ability to regenerate various tissues and organs.

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What are the classifications of stem cells?

There are different classifications of stem cells according to different criteria. They can be divided into totipotent stem cells, pluripotent stem cells and unipotent stem cells according to their developmental potentiality; according to the developmental stage, they can be divided into embryonic stem cells and somatic stem cells.

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How does Stem Cell Therapy treat kidney disease?

Certain stem cells and immune cells will be injected into body to activate human body's self-healing capability, regulate and control the diseased cells, activate cell function, increase the number of normal cells, enhance cell activity, improve the quality of cells and recover cell normal physiological functions.

Stem cells can differentiate into renal intrinsic cells, renal parenchymal cells which can replace the dead and necrotic renal cells and tissues and activate regeneration of body's own cells. These new functional cells can help repair kidney damages and rebuild kidney functions.

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Can Stem Cell Therapy be applied in your country?

Stem Cell Therapy has not been commonly used in every country. Some argue that it is immoral to collect embryonic stem cells from the embryos because embryos is one form of life. Some people worry that companies will provide funds for in vitro fertilization and artificial abortion to obtain more cell lines and they suggest more researches on adult stem cells and give up embryonic stem cell research.

Nowadays, in China, mesenchymal stem cells or umbilical cord blood stem cells are used to replace embryonic stem cells.

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What are the advantages of Stem Cell Therapy?

-Stem cells have very strong power of proliferation and differentiation and they can produce large number of new functional cells.

-No rejection reaction. Because stem cells are the original cells of the body, the surface antigen is not obvious enough to be recognized by antibody. So there is no rejection reaction after a Stem Cell Therapy.

-It has the convenience of easy separation, culture, amplification and purification and still has the characteristics of stem cells after several times proliferations.

-The signals of the damaged cells or organs can stimulate stem cells to reach to the damaged organs. Stem cells take homing to the lesion and repair the damaged cells.

-Compared with kidney transplant, the survival rate of Stem Cell Therapy can be reach up to 100%. After that, kidney disease patients can live a normal life without anti-rejection drugs. Also the cost of Stem Cell Therapy is only one-tenth of that of kidney transplant.

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What are the contraindications of Stem Cell Therapy?

-Shock or systemic failure with abnormal vital signs

-Systemic infections or partial infections which need to be handled first.

-The serology check is positive like AIDS, hepatitis B, syphilis, etc.

-Highly allergic constitution or has the illness history of serious allergy.

-End stage malignant tumors.

-Blood coagulation dysfunction such as hemophilia.

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Side effects of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is not a totally safe therapy. Some patients may have fever, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc after receiving Stem Cell Therapy. However, patients do not need to worry about these side effects as they can be easily dealt with or disappear automatically after a short period of time.

Now more and more foreign patients come to take Stem Cell Therapy. If you need more information about its cost or its treatment effect, feel free to leave a message below or email to, we can send you the useful information including videos of patients who permit to share their stories.

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