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New Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Failure-Stem Cell Therapy

2013-10-21 15:04

stem cell therapy, stage 4 kidney failureAs the second advanced stage of kidney disease, there must be a certain fear in stage 4 kidney failure patients’ heart. An efficient treatment means the one which can reverse the condition and help patients live a normal life. The application of Stem Cell Therapy makes dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer the only choice.

We will not deny that both dialysis and kidney transplant can help maintain stage 4 kidney failure patients’ lives to a certain degree, but the fact is that they have their own limitations. Though dialysis can be very necessary and important sometimes, it is not a long-term method. Some related materials have shown that the average life expectancy for dialysis patients is about 4.25 years and only 23% of patients can live for 10 years. What is more, patients can notice the decreased urine output with the dialysis treatment, which indicates the gradual loss of kidney function. Compared with dialysis treatment, a successful kidney transplant can really help stage 4 kidney failure patients longer the life expectancy. But waiting for a donor may take years, and some patients may not be available to receive a transplant. After receiving one, some patients may suffer from the relapses of condition. However, these limitations will not happen to Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cells have the ability of self-replicating and directional differentiation. Before they are injected into the body, they are cultivated under some certain situations. Stem cells are expected to regenerate new tissues and organs. In treating stage 4 kidney failure, chosen stem cells can replace dead and necrotic cells by regenerating new functional kidney inherent cells. In addition to fever, nausea and vomiting, Stem Cell Therapy will not cause any other side effects. So it treats stage 4 kidney failure from the root.

However, Stem Cell Therapy is still not available or in the research phase in some countries. In order not to involve morality and ethics, mesenchymal stem cells or umbilical cord blood stem cells are used to replace the embryonic stem cells in China.

If you are interested in Stem Cell Therapy in treating stage 4 kidney failure, remember that we are here to offer you more information, do not hesitate to tell us your question. We hope Stem Cell Therapy can change your life.

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