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Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in 2015

2015-01-01 11:24

Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in 2015With the development medical science, the Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease has been not so difficult and more and more patients take stem cell transplant therapy to reverse their kidney function. In beginning of the year of 2015, we hope all patients can live a healthy life. Now we will introduce you the newest stem cell transplantation therapy to Chronic Kidney Disease patients.

Stem cells are the immature cells which have the functions of multiplication, multi-directional differentiation and immune adjustment. After Lab activating, modifying and augmenting these cells, they will be injected into the body of patients through minimally invasive interventional way.

At this time, the stem cells will transfer to the lesion parts of the kidney, repairing the injured renal cells, blocking the renal fibrosis progress, remitting the condition of insufficient blood and oxygen. And the stem cells can produce many kinds of renal cells, promoting the restore of new nephron and reversing the kidney function. And there are some advantages of the stem cells therapy in our Shijiazhaung Kidney Disease hospital, such as:

1. Security : Through years by years researches and practices, our treatment get the accept of patients for the therapy would not bring side effects and other rejection responses.

2. Targeting: the stem cells can find the location of the renal cells effectively, repairing the injured one.

3. Effectiveness: through the result of treatment, the therapy can activate the immune system effectively and reverse the kidney function in a short time.

4. Universality: because the stem cells are not limited by MHC and they have ability of multi-directional differentiation, most kinds of kidney disease are suitable for the therapy.

For Chronic Kidney Disease patients, the earlier they treat, the higher possibility they recover, so patients should take some measures to control and prevent the kidney failure, living a healthy life.

Now if you want to know more information about stem cells transplantation therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in 2015, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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