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Others Kidney Failure Symptoms and Complications

Kidney failure patients have different symptoms in each stage. In end stage nearly all systems will be affected and many symptoms and complications will appear.

Would Chinese Medicine Treatment Alleviate Muscle Cramp on Dialysis

Muscle cramp is one of the side effects of dialysis, leading to a long or short time sharp pain. However, there is no effective cure for this issues. And finall...Read More

How to Manage Edema in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure Radically

Edema is one of the common symptoms in kidney disease, which is also called swelling. Most patients do not manage it radically and always have relapse. How to m...Read More

What is the Possibility to Treat Repeated Swelling with Chinese Medicine

Swelling occurs easily when someone experience kidney disease and repeated swelling appears easily when there is no effective management to alleviate it. While,...Read More

What are the Natural Ways to Deal with Muscle Cramping with Kidney Failure

Generally, kidney failure are inclined to suffer from muscle cramping, because the kidney is less able to fulfill its function properly, as a result, patients a...Read More

Electrolyte Imbalance with Chronic Renal Failure, Causes & Treatments

As a matter of fact, electrolyte imbalance is really common for patients with kidney failure. Patients with electrolyte imbalance often displayed symptoms of mu...Read More

Does Leg Swelling Indicate Kidney Disease

Almost all of patients with kidney disease are living with swelling on their body. However, does leg swelling indicate kidney disease. Now, the renal experts fr...Read More

What are the Symptoms of Kidney Failure

A large number of people worldwide are living with kidney failure and most do not know it. There are a large number of physical changes of kidney disease, but p...Read More

How Does Kidney Failure Cause Hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia is a medical term which is described as high potassium level in blood. Patients with kidney failure are bound to experience many symptoms, hyperkal...Read More

Are There Any Drugs to Relive Swelling with Kidney Failure

Patients with kidney failure will displayed many symptoms. Swelling is the most common one. Now, this article will show you the treatments for reliving swelling...Read More

Why Do I Suffer from Low Blood Pressure Caused by Kidney Failure

Low blood pressure is a medical term in which sufficient blood and oxygen can not be delivered to the kidney and heart. Patients with low blood pressure often d...Read More