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Why Renal Failure Patients Are Feeling Cold

2013-01-15 10:54

feeling coldRenal failure patients often feel cold and tired and their body does not sweat as much as before the disease. Is the cold feeling caused by renal failure? Why renal failure will cause patients feel cold?


Renal anemia is one common symptom of renal failure because the damaged kidneys can not produce enough erythropoietin and the life span of red blood cells is much shortened due to metabolic wastes and toxins in the body. Anemia can cause renal patients to feel cold, fatigue, shortness of breath and pale, etc, therefore if you have these symptoms and discomforts, the following tests are recommended to see weather you have renal anemia or not---blood test, red blood count, etc.

Inadequate heat intake

Diet restrictions and poor appetite n renal failure can cause inadequate intake of heat and energy. This is another major cause of cold feeling, therefore effective measures should be taken to improve renal failure patients’ appetite. Ask for a dietitian’s suggestions for proper daily diets and nutritions so as to have kidney-friendly foods and at the same time meet the body’s physiological needs.

Blocked blood circulation and low immunity
The fundamental cause of cold feeling in renal failure are blocked blood circulation and lowered immunity, therefore eliminating blood clots, promoting blood circulation and enhancing immunity can help alleviate cold feeling from the root.

In this regard, herbal medicines and some external application of Chinese medicines such as massage, acupuncture, mediated bath can help a lot. Chinese herbal medicines, accompanied by these external applications are effective at dilating blood vessels and promoting blood circulation so as to alleviate anemia and improve appetite. When enough heat is supplied and anemia is rectified, cold feeling will go away. And when the cold feeling is gone, patients will have less risk to catch cold which in turn is good for renal failure.

What is more, herbal medicines can regulate immune disorders and enhance the patients’ immunity and disease-resistance ability.

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