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Stage 3 Renal Failure Symptoms in Women

2013-01-20 13:36

As for the symptoms of stage 3 renal failure in women, there are some points that should arouse enough attention besides the common symptoms and signs of third stage renal failure that both men and women patients can experience such as fatigue, anemia, fluid retention, urinary changes such as increased or reduced urine volume, blood in urine, bubbles in urine, hypertension, kidney pain, sleep problem as well as abnormalities in lab values such as high creatinine and BUN, abnormally high or low electrolyte levels.

Frequent urinary tract infections

Compared with men, women has much higher incidence to have urinary tract infections and renal failure will further increase the incidence, therefore more attention should be attached if women on stage 3 renal failure have frequent UTI and it is badly controlled after taking prescribed medicines. Further tests should be done to see if there is any obstruction of the urinary tract or other illness conditions or it will in turn worsen renal damages and promote its progression into more advanced stage if the infections in urinary tract enter into the kidneys and cause kidney infection and kidney inflammations.

Some women patients might have irregular menstruation after taking hormones and this is one side effect of hormones. Renal failure will cause bleeding propensity and for women patients, some will have excessive menstrual flow during the menstruation and this will further worsen renal anemia.

If renal failure is caused by diabetes, women patients will also have the following symptoms.

Privates itching. Too much sugar will be discharged along with urine. This can create favorable conditions for bacteria to grow resulting in infections and privates itching. This is another cause of frequent urinary tract infections. And they will also feel vaginal dryness due to low sex hormone.

Sexual dysfunction.

Kidney failure can affect blood supply to the privates and cause sexual dysfunction.

Giving birth to macrosomia. Excessive sugar will enter into the fetus and promote the synthesis of glycogen, fat and protein.

Go to kidney disease hospital and see a nephrologist or consult a dietitian for proper customized diets according to your specific illness and physical conditions can help alleviate the above mentioned symptoms and much slow down its further progression into stage 4 and end stage renal failure.

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