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Common Chronic Complications of Kidney Failure

2014-02-15 22:01

As a severe disorder, kidney failure will affect all the body system. With the progression of this disease, many chronic complications may occur.

Cardiovascular disease

It is not only a common complication of kidney failure, but also a major cause of patient’s death. And it usually include congestive heart failure, abnormal heart beat, coronary heart disease, uremic pericarditis and so on.

Metabolic disturbance of water, electrolytes and acid-base

Due to severe drop in kidney function, many metabolic disorders will occur accordingly. For example, swelling, hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia and metabolic acidosis.

Renal bone disease

The onset of renal bone disease is related to calcium phosphorus metabolism disorder, abnormal secretion of parathyroid hormone(PTH), acidosis and aluminum poisoning. Under certain circumstances, renal bone disease may develop into high-bone turnover disease, low-bone turnover disease, etc, which manifest as bone pain all over the body, proximal weakness or bone fracture.

Renal anemia

Renal anemia can occur in almost every kidney failure patients, which is related to the decreased secretion of Erythropoietin(EPO), poor nutrition status, lack of iron and so on.

Other chronic complications

It concludes uremic encephalopathy or pulmonary damage caused by renal failure. Generally, the incidence of these diseases is low, however, once they occur, the prognosis is relatively poor.

In serious cases, the above-mentioned complications will worsen the quality of life or even threaten the life of patients. So, the primary task is to treat the underlying causes of kidney failure and improving kidney function.

Here, the combination of blood-purification technique and Hot Compress Therapy can be a good choice.

To be frank, the blood-purification technique can help excrete the toxins, wastes(micromolecule toxins, midium molecule substances and macromolecular substances) out of the blood effectively, thereby, a favorable environment can be created.

As for the hot compress therapy, it can not only help repair the damaged kidneys structures, but also promote kidney function radically.

Kidney failure patients should take active measures to prevent the potential complications, anything doubts, you are always welcomed to send us email And our experts will reply you within in 24 hours.

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