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What Symptoms Do Elderly People Easily Get in Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-03-19 22:36

What Symptoms Do Elderly People Easily Get in Chronic Kidney FailureThe elderly people need more care and attention than the normal people, especially those who are attacked by Chronic Kidney Failure. The ninth World Kidney Day also advocates “ Prevent and treat senile chronic kidney disease”. Then what symptoms do elderly people easily get chronic kidney failure?

Knowing the symptoms that elderly people easily catch is conducive to take preventive measures and improve the life quality of the elderly.

Bone disease. It is a common tendency that elderly people have bone disease, even if with no disease. The calcium will lose when people are old. Kidneys are responsible to regulate calcium and phosphorus. If kidneys are failed, high phosphorus and low calcium will occur, which will increase the risk of bone disease, such as hip fracture, the troublesome bone disease.

Cardiovascular disease. It is considered to be the most serious complications of chronic kidney failure, especially for elderly people. High blood pressure, coronary artery disease, pericarditis, arrhythmia and heart failure are the common disease that attack elderly people. To the most serious condition, some cardiovascular diseases are the top one contributor of sudden death.

Besides these two symptoms, there are also other symptoms like swelling, nausea, vomit, shortness of breath, confusion, reduced urine, anemia and so on. If your family members are the elderly, you should take good care of them to prevent further damage. Visit them often and communicate with them often. A good mood will help them recover. Except for the mental care, the treatment is also important. A proper treatment is thought to play a predominant role prolonging the lifespan and improving the life quality.

Treatment of the underlying cause is regarded as the first step in dealing with kidney disease. The underlying cause is the reduced kidney function. For elderly people, they may not be not able to stand the risk of surgery. Then natural remedies are their best choices. Here Hot Compress Therapy are suggested. It requires no surgery and no orally taken medicine. It can promote the blood circulation, repair the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. Do you want to try? Send me an email to and I will give you more information about the natural treatments for chronic kidney failure!

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