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Suffer from Dizziness after Dialysis in Kidney Failure

2014-03-23 16:53

Suffer from Dizziness after Dialysis in Kidney Failure  Many patients in kidney failure are suffering from dizziness. The feeling is more serious after dialysis. Why do you experience dizziness after dialysis in kidney failure?

In kidney failure, kidney functions are seriously damaged. Due to this, kidneys are no longer able to continue their work as they used to be. So a series of symptoms will appear as signs of kidney disorder. What does dizziness stand for?

The normal kidneys have the functions of regulating blood pressure, discharging toxins in blood, secreting hormones, etc. When kidneys have problems, these functions cannot be well performed. The following factors are considered to be the contributors of dizziness in kidney failure after dialysis.

Low blood pressure.

It is a common symptom that people experience low blood pressure after dialysis. Too fast ultrafiltration is the major cause of low blood pressure. Ultrafiltration will lead to low blood volume, resulting in low blood pressure. So the blood that return to head will be decreased. So you are easily to go through dizziness after dialysis.


Kidneys are responsible to secrete EPO, which mainly aims at helping bone marrow make reb blood cells. With badly damaged kidneys functions, kidneys are not able to secrete enough EPO, leading to short supply of red blood cells. Then anemia will occur, which is also a possible cause of dizziness.

Sleep problems.

Because of the accumulated toxins, you may experience itchy skin; because of electrolyte disorder, you may experience muscle cramps at night; because of heavy mental burden, you may experience poor sleep quality. All those factors will cause sleep problems, which will lead to dizziness on the next day.

The main causes of dizziness in kidney failure are as above. Here are some suggestions to relieve dizziness. Make sure that you have a good rest and keep enough sleep; tell your doctor to adjust the dialysis; manage a proper diet and replenish more foods that are rich in iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid; take treatment that can improve your kidney function, such as Hot Compress Therapy. For detailed information, you can send me an email to I will provide you more natural remedies to relieve your symptoms and improve your kidney function. Best wishes!

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