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Fatigue and Kidney Failure

2013-02-26 15:51

Constant fatigue and ill feeling is very common among chronic kidney failure patients. More than 90% ESRD patients are reported suffering from lack of energy and they will feel tired even after mild activities. And the symptom of fatigue will become even more serious with the continuous illness progression and advance of kidney failure. What is more, there is on obvious improvement for fatigue caused by renal failure with more sleep or rest.

Why renal failure cause fatigue and lack of energy?

Kidneys have the function of secreting erythropoietin which can stimulate bone marrow to generate red blood cells. In case of kidney failure, the secretion of erythropoietin will be reduced and the red cell count is low. The cells and body can not receive adequate blood and energy supply, that is why renal failure patients will feel tired all the time.

Kidneys also have the functions to maintain constant and proper composition of extracellular fluid and provide necessary nutritions to the cells. When this function is disturbed, the cells might die.

Another reason of fatigue in renal failure is lack of iron and folic acid. Lack of appetite, gastrointestinal discomforts, nausea, vomiting, hemorrhage are all possible cause of iron and folic acid deficiency. It can worsen renal anemia and cause fatigue.

How to cope with fatigue in renal failure?

Have good rest and improve sleep quality does have some relieve of fatigue,but is not very effective since the root problems have not been solved.

1. Commonly prescribed drug for increasing red blood cell count, alleviating anemia and fatigue is aranesp. However long term intake of this drug can cause many side effects such as muscle pain, chest pain, headache or even stroke, heart attack.

2. Proper diets can help a lot in building up red cell count and slowing down the progression of fatigue and other symptoms of renal failure.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy. They can help repair renal damages and improve kidney functions so that the body will naturally produce more erythropoietin and fatigue will be treated from the root. Recovering kidney functions for renal failure is the key for relieving kidney failure symptoms and prolong patients’ life expectancy.

Fatigue can be an early sign of kidney disease. Therefore if you are feeling constant fatigue, it is recommended early tests are done to make clear weather there is any kidney problem so as to have early treatment and prevent it progress into renal failure.

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