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Why Do Renal Failure Patients Sleep So Much

2014-10-12 17:12

Why Do Renal Failure Patients Sleep So MuchIf there are some kidney disease patients around you, especially renal failure patients, you may notice that they sleep much than common people and they are easier to get sleepy. However, do you know the reason?

Renal failure or kidney failure describes a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter toxins and waste products from the blood. These harmful substances can affect patients’ gastrointestinal tract and then make them nausea and vomiting and have no appetite, which results in the loss of nutrients. The limitation on protein intake to kidney failure patients may be one of reasons causing them sleep so much.

However, the most common reason making kidney failure patients sleepy is anemia. When kidney functions are damaged, kidneys do not make enough EPO. As a result, the bone marrow makes fewer red blood cells, causing anemia. In that case, patients will feel weak and tired, thus making them easy to sleep.

Most kidney failure patients feel depressed, while, most of the time, oversleeping is somewhat directly proportionate to depression.

In many countries, dialysis will be needed when condition develops kidney failure. Once dialysis starts, some patients may experience various dialysis problems, and sleep problem is one of them. If patients do not get enough sleep at night, they will feel tired and exhausted the whole day. Some dialysis patients find it hard to sleep during the night, and instead use the day to get some rest.

As a renal failure patient, have you been on dialysis treatment? If yes, how long? And can you still produce urine now? If yes, it means there still has hope to help you improve kidney function to gradually reduce dialysis times. Dialysis can be even stopped if kidney function is improved to an ideal level. If having any questions, feel free to leave us a message below or talk to online doctor, we are glad to help.

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