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Does Kidney Failure Cause Muscle Twitching

2014-11-02 11:18

Does Kidney Failure Cause Muscle TwitchingDoes kidney failure cause muscle twitching? Well, kidney failure is likely to cause various symptoms and complications which trouble patients a lot. The following content will help you learn more about kidney failure symptoms and treatment.

The answer is that kidney failure may cause muscle twitching. As we all know, the kidneys play an important role in the regulation of fluids and electrolytes. Kidney failure means the severe reduction in kidney function, in that case, it often leads to an electrolyte imbalance. Electrolytes are charged particles involved in the transmission of impulses in muscles and nerve. Electrolyte imbalance can lead to serious complications and even death, so it must arouse kidney failure patients’ enough attention. Then what is involved in muscle twitching?

Sodium plays an important role in fluid balance, neuromuscular function and acid-base balance. The kidneys either conserve or excrete sodium depending on the body’s needs. At kidney failure stage, the kidneys are unable to excrete sodium, hypernatremia will happen. While hypernatremia can result in increased blood pressure, weakness, disorientation and muscle twitching.

In addition to muscle twitching, high potassium level is also commonly to be seen in kidney failure patients. When potassium builds up in the blood, we call it hyperkalemia. It can cause tiredness, muscle weakness or paralysis and abdominal cramping, etc. Severe conditions will slow down the cardiac impulses and can lead to cardiac arrest. So it is very, very necessary and important to control the potassium level into a normal range no matter whether kidney failure patients are on dialysis or not.

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