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Can Kidney Failure Cause Heart Failure

2014-12-12 08:17

kidney failure with heart failurePatients who are at kidney failure period are more likely to experience some complications, heart failure is the most common and serious one. On this regard, many patients want to know how does kidney failure causes heart failure. And how to solve this problem?

Why kidney failure cause heart failure?

The accumulation of toxins

There will be large amount of toxins deposited in the kidneys, which will make great damage to other organs, including heart, resulting in heart failure.


In case of heart failure, anemia occur due to the less production of EPO which is a hormone to produce red blood cells. Anemia will cause myocardial ischemia, leading myocardial function to decrease. This makes heart rate slow down, and the heart will correspondingly fail.

High blood pressure

The elevated blood pressure will increase the burden of heart, thus causing the ventricular wall thickened and the heart will expend. This will lead to heart failure gradually.

Low immunity

Low immunity is also the common symptom of kidney failure. Patients are get infected easily because of low immunity, leading them to suffer from mypcarditis and heart failure.

Imbalance electrolyte level

Patients who come across the disorder of electrolyte level are at high possibilities to develop into heart failure.

How to prevent heart failure on kidney failure?

From the above content, we know the causes of kidney failure, and then we should treat it from the causes of kidney failure. And the damaged kidney function is the root cause of the heart failure. There is still no effective western medicines which can treat it from the root causes, they just take effects to alleviate the common symptoms. The natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a excellent choice for patients to treat heart failure from root. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a safe and external application. This treatment works to promote blood circulation, expend blood vessels, prevent the complications of kidney failure, prevent the kidney failure from advancing, protect the residual kidney function.

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