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Is Muscle cramping a symptom of kidney failure

2014-12-15 08:36

Muscle cramping refers to that the muscles on your body get tight and do not relax. It is very painful. Many patients with kidney failure may wonder that is muscle creaming a symptom of kidney failure?

What causes muscle cramping?

Low levels of minerals like potassium and calcium make you more likely to have a muscle cramping. The health kidneys are responsible to eliminate the toxic substances, regulate blood pressure, keep balance of electrolyte level. When the kidneys are attacked because of various kidney diseases, and the kidneys can not produce enough vitamin D to regulate metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, leading to the disorder of electrolyte level and low calcium level in the body. This is the primary cause for causing cramping.

When your body can not get enough fluids, that is to say, your body are in a stage of dehydration, it also can cause muscle cramping.

How to alleviate muscle cramping on kidney failure?

Since muscle cramping is cased by the disorder of electrolyte level, we need to deal with it from regulating electrolyte level. Dialysis is the first choice for patients to help patients to regulate electrolyte level, as time goes by, it can not alleviate it, on the contrary, it will aggravate the illness condition.

Is there a treatment which not only helps patients alleviate some symptoms, but also has less adverse effects?

The answer is yes. Traditional Chinese Medicine can help patients to achieve this goal, but, it will take longer time then the western medicines. The renal experts will make many innovations on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. They also will make a specific treating schedule according to different patients’ illness condition and the application of the natural treatment.

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