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Amylase Levels In Renal Failure

2013-03-09 17:03

Renal failure patients may have elevated serum amylase levels and this will become even more obvious when the rate of creatinine clearance is below 50ml/min because the damaged kidneys can not remove amylase efficiently from the bloodstream.

Amylase is one enzyme that is produced in the pancreas to digest carbohydrates. The normal value of serum amylase is 23-85U/L and there are differences from laboratory to laboratory. When there is abnormally high amylase level, there will be metabolic disorders, therefore it is very necessary to normalize amylase level.

Before seeking any treatment, you need to ask your doctor to rule out other possible causes of elevation of serum amylase. There are a variety of causes of high amylase besides kidney failure.

Pancreatitis. It is caused by inflammations in the pancreas. Pancreas is the organ to produce amylase and when it is damaged, more amylase will be released into the blood.

Tumors. Some tumors in the pancreas, lung, prostate, etc can cause high amylase.

Gall bladder infection. When gall bladder is infected, serum amylase can increase.

Medicines. Long term intake of some medicines can also cause high amylase such as morphine, thiazide diuretics, aspirin, methyldopa, ethacrynic acid, birth control pills, asparaginase, etc.

If you just have high blood amylase but have no other symptoms or discomforts, you doctor may offer no special treatment besides avoiding alcohol and tobacco. If you begin to have metabolic disorder or digestion problems, you doctors may prescribe some drugs such as anti-inflammatory agents. Though symptoms may be relieved, long term intake of these medicines is not good for the kidneys. Therefore more natural ways must be sought because treating high serum amylase caused by renal failure should aim at protect kidney functions at the same time of relieving symptoms and lowering amylase levels.

Some natural remedies for renal failure with high serum amylase include herbal medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can help improve kidney functions and increase creatinine clearance rate but at the same will cause no injuries or unfavorable side effects.

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