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Low Back Pains in Kidney Failure: Cause and Treatment

2015-01-14 13:49

Low Back Pains in Kidney Failure: Cause and TreatmentThe severe pains caused b low back pains often influence the normal life and work of patients. The back pain is a typical symptom of kidney failure, so many back pain patients often ask what is wrong with their kidney. Here will introduce kidney failure the cause and treatment for low back pains.

The cause of low back pains in kidney failure:

In fact, not all kidney failure patients would suffer back pain, in turn, not all back pains are related with kidney disease. Psoas bruise, sprain, having a cold and so on all can lead to back pain. For kidney failure patients, when the kidneys are accompanied with bacterial infection or renal effusion, due to the inflammation and swelling, the blood flow and urination are blocked. When the kidney pressure increased, kidney failure patients would suffer back pains.

The treatment for low back pain in kidney failure.

Once kidney failure patients suffer from back pain, they had better have a clear check for a symptomatic treatment. If the back pains are really related with kidney failure, patients should try their best to stop the kidney damage and reverse the kidney functions. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is special treatment in our hospital, the medicine is external applied around the kidney area and the active substances in kidney can work on:

1. Expending blood vessels: the expended blood vessels are benefit to promoting blood circulation, remitting blood flow obstruction and kidney effusion.

2. Anti-inflammatory: the active substances in medicine can clean the immune complexes on kidneys, blocking the bacterial infection ways.

3. Repairing the injured renal cells: the medicine also contain rich nutrition which can help repair the injured renal cells, reversing the kidney function.

All in all, low back pains patients can take it easy and have a clear check up the cause to have a specific treatment. For low back pains patients caused by kidney failure, they should pay more attention to their physical conditions. If you want to know more about kidney failure, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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