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What Symptoms Of Kidney Failure In Children

2013-03-11 14:40

kidney failure childrenChildren have lower immunity compared with adults and they are prone to some kidney diseases. Kidneys are very vital for children for filtering their blood, regulating normal blood pressure, strengthening their bones and generating enough red blood cells.

When kidney failure develops in children, they will develop a series of signs and symptoms such as swelling, high blood pressure, anemia, bone problem as well as urinary changes.


You may notice that your children have swelling around the eyes or in the hands, feet or even the face. This is due to fluid retention in the body. Healthy kidneys can remove excessive water and wastes and balance water and electrolytes in the children’ body. When kidneys are diseased or damaged, children often will have fluid overload in their body.


Lethargy can be the first symptom of kidney disease, weather in children or adults. Your children may always complain tiredness, he or she does not play or move around as he usually does and he sleeps more than normal. He may have loss of appetite and do not want to eat anything. Different from adult patients, children sometimes can not exactly describe what discomforts he is experiencing, but they usually have general sick feelings. This can be due to toxins buildup in the body or renal anemia because of decreased secretion of erythropoietin by the damaged kidneys.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is not very common among children, but when kidneys are severely damaged, children will develop high blood pressure and they may tell you they have headache. Persistently high blood pressure will in turn worsen renal damages.

Urinary changes

Children of kidney failure may have a series of changes in their urine such as reduced urine or increased urine, frequent urination, bubbles in urine, blood in urine, cloudy urine, etc.

Since kidney functions often affect other organs, children with kidney failure will have many symptoms in other systems such as vomiting, nausea, difficulty in concentration, etc.

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