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Does Renal Failure Affect Patients' Memory

2013-03-13 11:00

memory lossIf a person has renal failure, does that affect their memory? Since kidney is one important part of the whole body’s filtering system, renal failure will affect nearly all the parts of the body including the brain and heart. End stage renal failure patients often suffer from memory loss, confusion, cognitive problems, etc.

Since kidney failure is very common among the elderly patients and aging can often cause loss of memory, so many patients want to know weather their memory problem is caused or worsened by kidney failure.

There is indeed a link between renal failure and memory loss. Kidney functions can affect brain function and renal failure definitely will affect the brain’s normal work and functions. It has been found by studies that the more kidney functions are lost, the more memory will be lost as well as abstract reasoning and global cognitive abilities. If patients have already have this problem, it may become even worsen when they develop renal failure without effective treatments.

Why renal failure cause memory loss?
Uremic state in the body

When patients suffer from memory problem, they often have trouble in remembering things and this will affect their normal life. In case of renal failure, patients will have a lot of metabolic wastes and toxins accumulating in their body and this will poison and damage all the systems and organs including the brains.

long-term dialysis can cause loss of memory

Patients on dialysis will also have memory problems due to dialysis encephalopathy which is relative serious complication of dialysis especially after long-term hemodialysis.

Therefore only if kidney functions are improved and dialysis is stopped can memory problem be solved from the root. But for some elderly renal failure patients, it might can not completely solve the problem because it might due to aging, but treating kidney failure and improving kidney functions can definitely improve memory.

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