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Is Swelling the Cause of Kidney Failure

2013-03-15 11:48

is swelling the cause of kidney failureIn some cases of kidney failure, swelling occurs as a symptom. It may occur in patient’s face, around eyelid, inside of the ankle and even the whole body when the illness condition becomes extremely serious. Swelling worsens our kidney condition if left alone, so it is often mistaken for the cause of kidney failure.

Actually, swelling is not the real cause of kidney failure at all. In kidney failure, swelling can occur as the consequence of great loss of protein from urine as well as retention of fluids and sodium in the body. Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of kidney problem that marked by massive proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidaemia. Usually, swelling symptom in Nephrotic Syndrome occur because of great loss of protein from urine. Normally, protein can not be filtered out by our kidney, however, when kidneys are failed to function properly, protein leak and get out of our body with urine. Great loss of protein makes the plasma osmotic pressure decrease, as a result of which, much fluids build up in our body and form swelling. Aside from keeping protein in our body, kidneys are also responsible for discharging excessive sodium and fluid out of our body. Kidney failure makes kidneys unable in functioning, so they build up in our body and lead to swelling symptom.

Now that swelling is not the root cause of kidney failure, what is it? Kidney failure can be acute or chronic. For chronic kidney failure, it progresses as more and more renal tissues are damaged. When most of the kidney tissues lose their working ability, end stage kidney failure occurs. Chronic Kidney Failure can not be cured at all, because we can not revive the dead kidney tissues. However, there are some injured renal intrinsic cells in a damaged kidney, by repairing these injured renal intrinsic cells, kidney condition can be improved.

For a kidney disease patients, they best method to prevent kidney failure is to protect residual kidney tissues and meanwhile repair these injured renal intrinsic cells. However, in most of the cases, patients are only simply prescribed with some oral medications to control their symptoms and they do nothing to repair their injured renal cells at all. In such a case, kidney failure will come sooner or later. Therefore, to avoid kidney failure effectively, finding a right treatment method is of great importance.

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