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Adrenal Fatigue And Kidney Disease

2013-03-17 10:05

Adrenal fatigue may have the same symptoms and signs as kidney disease. Such as both adrenal fatigue and kidney disease will have fatigue, susceptibility to colds and infections, poor digestion, difficulty in concentration, reduced sex drive, irregular periods in women patients, etc.

In case of adrenal failure, adrenal glands will produce more hormone called cortisol which can cause moon-face, obesity, glucose tolerance, high blood pressure, abnormal growth of hair, osteoporosis, kidney stone, irregular menstruation, etc. Kidney disease patients may be very familiar with these symptoms because they are very same as the side effects of hormone drugs such as prednisone. Therefore if kidney patients are taking prednisone, they may not realize that there is any problem with their adrenal glands. If prednisone is stopped but these symptoms do not disappear or continue to become even worse, you can have a test to check if there is any adrenal disorders or problems.

There are some symptoms that are different from that of kidney disease that might help you have an early detection of adrenal fatigue. They are low blood pressure, trembling, energetic in the evening, nervousness, crave for salty or sweet foods, etc.

Is there any relation between adrenal fatigue and kidney disease?

Anatomically, kidneys and adrenal glands are closely related. Adrenal glands are located on the top of the kidneys. But usually the onsets of kidney disease and adrenal disease have no direct relation with each other.

Adrenal fatigue is caused by overwork due to too much stresses coming from physically, emotionally and psychologically. Of cause, too much stress can damage the kidneys and even cause kidney disease. Therefore weather you have kidney disease or adrenal fatigue, you should try to make yourself relaxed if you are now suffering from too much stress.

Emotional factors counts more than you can image in treating kidney diseases, adrenal disease or other refractory diseases, have a good mood and positive attitude often can help patients survive long than those that have pessimistic attitude.

Consult a doctor and take related tests to find out what disease is causing your symptoms and discomforts and seek timely and proper treatments. Anything for help, you can consult our online doctors or leave us a massage, our experts can email you some useful suggestions.

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