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Legs Swelling In Kidney Failure

2013-03-18 11:41

leg swellingSwelling in the legs, ankles, hands and face is often seen in kidney failure patients. It is also called edema in clinic and in serious conditions edema can affect internal organs and even cause pulmonary failure or congestive heart failure.

What cause legs swelling?

Healthy kidneys can remove excessive fluid, electrolytes in the body and maintain the balance of water, electrolytes and acid-base. When kidneys are damaged, water can not be discharged but instead accumulate in the patient’s body. What is more, kidney failure often cause proteinuria and low serum albumin which can lower plasma colloid osmotic pressure and cause more fluid being filtered into tissues from the blood vessels.

How to treat legs swelling and kidney failure?

* Drugs

Diuretics are the conventionally prescribed drugs to treat swelling by increasing urination and removing excessive fluid from the body.

* Dialysis

If the legs swelling is too serious to be controlled by drugs and patients have developed other severe illness conditions such as extremely high creatinine, high blood potassium, pulmonary edema, heart failure, dialysis is necessary. Dialysis functions as an artificial kidney to remove excessive fluid, electrolytes, metabolic wastes and toxins outsides the body.

For patients that have developed serious swelling and advanced renal damages, they should have strict restrictions on water and sodium intake because they have to wait for the next dialysis to remove this excessive fluid. Fluid retention can increase burdens to the kidneys, lung, heart and other organs, therefore it is very necessary to limit water intake.

* Chinese medicines

There are many natural herbal diuretics such as aloe vera, arnica, etc. The difference between herbal diuretics and conventional diuretics is that herbs are natural and causes no side effects or potential harms to the kidneys.

There are also many Chinese medicines that can help treat kidney failure and improve kidney functions. Different from dialysis, Chinese medicines not only treat the symptoms but also can treat kidney failure. When renal functions are improved, their kidneys can remove these excess water and other wastes from the blood and patients need not to rely on dialysis any more.

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