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How Does Kidney Failure Cause Insomnia

2013-03-22 11:17

how does kidney failure cause insomniaHow does kidney failure cause insomnia? Insomnia is a common symptom of kidney failure and it makes it hard for patients to get to sleep and stay asleep. Insomnia affect patient’s life directly and though it is common, many patients do not know how is it caused by kidney failure.

1. Sleep apnea syndrome: Sleep apnea syndrome can be related to the effects of advanced kidney failure on breathing. With sleep apnea syndrome, patients can not sleep well and wake up easily at night. Over time, these sleep disturbance can lead to day-night reversal-insomnia at night, sleepiness during the day. Besides, because of sleep problem, kidney failure patients may also suffer from depression, fatigue and headaches.

2. Itching skin: failed kidneys can not discharge toxins in time, leading to high level of toxin in the blood. Some of these toxins stimulate patient’s skin make them feel itchy. With itching skin, kidney failure patients have to stay up at night, as they need too scratch themselves all the time. When this condition lasts for a long time, biological clock will be break and insomnia is caused easily.

3. Restless legs and muscle cramp: restless leg and muscle cramp are the common two side effects of dialysis and they affect patient’s sleep quality as well. With poor sleep quality at night, patients become sleepy in the day. Under such a circumstance, if they sleep in daytime, they will become sleepless at night. Over time, kidney failure patients will get a vicious cycle and develop insomnia. 4. Medications: Kidney failure need to take different medicines, some of which may cause daytime somnolence and cause difficulty in falling sleep during nighttime.

Good and restful sleep is so important to a healthy life. For kidney failure patients, insomnia seriously affect their life quality and illness condition, so having an effective control and treatment of it is very necessary and beneficial.

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