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Can My Face and Hands become Numb with Kidney Failure

2015-08-03 11:42

numbness in kidney failureIn fact, the kidneys plays essential role in filtering blood, so as to remove out the wastes products and extra fluid. When the normal kidney function is decreasing, several symptoms and complications occur. Can face and hands become numb with kidney failure? If you also have the doubt, please add whatsApp/Viber +8618395615012.

The major contributor for face and hands in kidney failure is swollen faces and hands.

There are numerous of blood vessels and tiny holes in the kidneys acting as filters to remove out the wastes products as well as extra fluid. The filters will filter the foods we digest everyday, the wastes products and extra fluid will be filtered out of body and big size of toxic substances, such as protein and red blood cells are too big to filter out of body, they will be absorbed in the body to keep the meet the body supply. When there is damage on these filters, extra fluid begin to build up in the body. When there is damage on these filters, protein, a material to keep water, will leak into urine. Regarding on this, water will leak into body tissues, as a result, swollen faces and hands are more likely to occur. When extra fluid in blood vessels, poor blood circulation are more likely to happen, as a result, patients’ face and hands become numb.

What is the effective treatment to deal with numb face and hands?

Dialysis is often prescribed for patients to remove out the wastes products and extra fluid, thus reliving swollen face and hands. And the problem of numb dace and hands also can be solved. But, patients often suffer from lots of painful symptoms from dialysis treatment, such as anemia, muscle cramping and headache. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended for patients with various poisoning symptoms. This treatment is used with Chinese herbs and advanced equipment. This treatment mainly works to improve kidney function, which helps to relive numb face and hands.

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