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Will Kidney Failure Affect The Children’s Normal Growth

2013-03-24 09:47

children kidney failure growth failureChildren patients of kidney disease often have retarded growth and development than other healthy children. This is because kidneys have the functions to regulate essential nutritions for children’s growth. Renal disease often cause protein metabolism disorder, malnutrition and bone problems which will hinder the normal growth of the diseased children.

Why kidney failure cause growth failure in children?

Kidney failure can affect the children’s appetite and cause a series of digestive and gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea which often lead to malnutrition. Patients can not absorb enough nutritions such as vitamins, calcium, trace elements from foods which often cause retarded growth.

Children with kidney failure often have imbalances of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus which can affect their bone growth. Renal dysfunction causes the bone not to absorb enough calcium and the buildup of phosphorus in the blood will further aggravate calcium loss from the bones.

Kidneys also have endocrine functions to secrete hormones such as erythropoietin and somatotropin (growth hormone). When kidneys are impaired, there will be reduced red blood cell production and inadequate growth hormone.

Some medicines that the children take can have bad effects on the children’s normal growth such as hormones, immunosuppressants and some anti-rejection drugs.

How to cure growth failure for children with kidney failure?

Knowing why kidney failure causes growth failure in children, we can seek proper treatments and measures to deal with this issues. It is very important to have the treatment early before kidney damages are too advanced to be reversed.

1. Balance calcium and phosphorus

Children kidney failure patients need to have low-phosphorus diet and if necessary to have phosphate binder to lower their high blood phosphorus and achieve internal balance of calcium and phosphorus. Bones will be strengthened after getting adequate calcium supply.

2. Medicines to supple calcitriol and vitamin D

If diet is not enough, patients need to have some supplement of calcitriol and vitamin D to help build the bones and help in growth process.

3. Erythropoietin

If the diseased children have symptoms of anemia, it is necessary to have erythropoietin to help alleviate anemia and deal with fatigue, lethargy and poor growth in children.

4. Growth hormone

Growth hormone can be given to children with kidney failure, on dialysis or after kidney transplant to promote their growth and development.

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