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Why Kidney Failure Patients Have Low Grade Fever

2013-03-24 14:07

why kidney failure patients have low grade feverAs a matter of fact, Kidney failure do not cause low grade fever directly, but kidney failure patients catch infection easily, which will make them are susceptible to fever.

Kidney failure always occurs as the ultimate consequence of acute kidney problem and chronic kidney problem. It is an illness condition in which kidneys fail to function properly. In kidney failure, some patients have low grade fever because of infection which can be caused because of:

1. Poor immunity

A powerful immune system is the precursor of a health body. It helps us fight against surrounding bacterium and viruses. However, when this system becomes disorder or when immunity is low, harmful substances will invade our body and cause various health problems. Kidney disease is caused when kidney function is affected because of immune disorder or poor immunity. Therefore, kidney failure patients usually have a poor immunity.

2. Long-term application of immunosuppressive agents

When bacterium and virus invade our body, antibody are produced to fight against them. Antibody combines with harmful substances which are clinically called antigen, immune complexes are caused. Immune complexes circulate with blood and when they deposit in kidney, inflammation will be caused. Inflammation is the direct cause of kidney damages in more than 95% kidney disease cases. Kidney failure patients need to take immunosuppressive agents to block inflammation to prevent further kidney damages. Immunosuppressive agents are helpful for kidney failure patients, but while they help to fight against kidney disease, they impair patient’s immune system and make them susceptible to infection, the major cause of low grade fever in kidney failure.

3. Great loss of protein from urine

There are different types of protein in our body and one of them is immune globulin which is the antibody of our body. When bacterium and virus invade our body, these protein can help us fight against the harmful substances. However, kidney failure patients usually have serious leaking of protein, which can lead to low immunity. Under such a condition, kidney failure patients catch infection and low grade fever easily.

The above are the three factors that can cause infection and low grade fever in kidney failure. To have an effective prevention or control about infection and low grade fever, kidney failure patients need to replenish enough nutrition and improve their immunity. Only in this way, can the cause of low grade fever, say infection here, be avoided or prevented effectively.

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