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The Cause of Joint Problems in Renal Failure

2013-03-30 10:41

Joint Problems in Renal FailureJoint problems, common symptoms in renal failure, usually affect knees, hips, hands, spine or shoulders. Some types of joint problems may not cause pain, but most of these problem are painful. Getting an understanding of the cause of joint problems in renal failure is able to help patients to choose correct treatment. Here, you can get the information that you want to know.

The cause of joint problems in renal failure

The healthy kidney plays a great role to keep people’s overall health. However, if large part of kidney is impaired, the following disorders may occur to cause joint problems in renal failure.

1. Lack of vitamin D

Phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D and parathyroid hormone are responsible to keep the health of bones and joints. Normally, the kidneys produce vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium. In patients with renal failure, nearly all of their kidney function has lost, so the kidney can’t make enough vitamin D any more. As a result, joint problems occur without any expectation as a consequence of poor vitamin D supply and calcium absorption.

2. Too much uric acid in blood

According to the clinical researches, 2/3 of uric acid is excreted from the body via kidney per day. If the kidney can’t do its job optimally, more uric acid will deposite in blood. When the uric acid level in blood is higher than 476umol/l, these wastes will build up in the joint capsule, epiphyseal cartilage cancellous bone, kidney, and subcutaneous tissue to cause many severe complications including joint problems.

In one word, joint problems in renal failure is due to lack of vitamin D and too much uric acid deposition in blood. To solve these problems, vitamin D supply and blood purification is necessary. Among these treatments, how to improve patients’ kidney function should also be sought.

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