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What are the Symptoms of Kidney Failure

2016-02-09 17:02

A large number of people worldwide are living with kidney failure and most do not know it. There are a large number of physical changes of kidney disease, but people often attribute to other conditions. And most of patients do not experience the symptoms until their kidney disease is progressed into advanced stage. Knowing the symptoms of kidney failure is helpful to have a better prevention of the development of kidney failure.

The symptoms of kidney failure are listed as following:

Anemia and fatigue

Severe kidney disease allows lots of wastes products and extra fluid build up in your body. And then, the kidney function will be affected by the deposition of wastes products and extra fluid. Therefore, the production of hemopoietin is decreased severely. Without sufficient blood and oxygen delivering to the kidney and other important organs, patients often run high risk to develop anemia. Along with anemia, patients lose energy to do anything, therefore, they also experience fatigue.

Skin itching

Our kidney can do many important jobs, keeping electrolyte level into balance is one of them. When the kidneys are no longer able to work well, high phosphorus level and low calcium level occurs easily. High phosphorus level happens easily when patients experience headache easily.

Nausea and vomiting

In kidney failure, lots of wastes products and extra fluid build up patients’ body. And the, the wastes products and extra fluid will get into gastrointestinal track system and the wastes products will be broken into ammonia when it gets into intestinal track system. And then, ammonia will stimulate the gastrointestinal tack system, leading patients to suffer from nausea and vomiting.

Proteinuria and hematuria

Normally, there are numerous tiny blood vessels and tiny holes in the kidneys, acting as filters to eliminate much wastes products and toxic substances out of body and absorb useful substances, such as proteins and red blood cells in the body. When kidney are failed, lots of amount of proteins and red blood cells will leak into urine.

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