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What Are Chronic Kidney Failure Stage 4 Symptoms

2013-04-06 16:04

Symptoms helps to learn about the severity of illness condition to some extent. Therefore, for people with Chronic Kidney Failure stage 3, they must want to know the symptoms of stage 4, as these symptoms may help to tell them if their illness condition has developed to stage 4. Now, let’s learn the common symptoms of stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure and what they indicate in clinic.

1. High blood pressure: High blood pressure is a common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Failure stage 4. Kidneys have function to adjust blood pressure and occurrence of elevated blood pressure always indicate kidney malfunction.

2. Proteinuria: Proteinuria is a dominant symptom of Chronic Kidney Failure and it may occur because of damaged renal tubule or damaged glomeruli. In cases of Chronic Kidney Failure stage 4, proteinuria caused by damaged glomeruli is always more serious than that resulted from damaged renal tubule.

3. Blood in urine: Blood urine also can be a spell of kidney problem, but it is not a must for people with kidney disease. With Chronic Kidney Failure stage 4, people may found their urine becomes red, tea-colored, dark-orange or water color where meat is washed.

4. Nausea and vomiting: Nausea and vomiting are the common symptoms that related with digestive system. For people with Chronic Kidney Failure stage 4, nausea and vomiting symptoms always result from high toxins in blood which should have been removed by kidneys.

5. Tiredness or fatigue: Kidney disease causes no symptoms at the very beginning; however, when it runs to stage 4, patients may found they become tired more easily and frequently.

6. Bad tastes in mouth: Bad taste in mouth is another bothersome symptom of kidney failure and it is related with high blood urea nitrogen. Some patients describe the smell as metallic taste and limiting protein intake helps to remit it.

7. Itchy skin: Failed kidney become unable in removing toxins in blood which may stimulate your skin and cause itching. With itching problem, you may stay awake all the night because you have to scratch yourself frequently.

Chronic Kidney Failure stage 4 is a severe illness condition which can cause various symptoms. Aside from what we mentioned above, there are some other symptoms like poor appetite, swelling, frequent urination at night, poor concentration and back pain and so on. For people with Chronic Kidney Failure stage 4, if they want to remove these symptoms radically, they must get their kidney function improved.

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