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Kidney Failure Symptoms In Men

2013-04-14 14:23

Chronic kidney failure is a latent disease. Often many patents do not have obvious clinical symptoms until their kidneys are severely damaged. What is more, the symptoms often develop over long period of time and they are easy to be misdiagnosed, therefore it is necessary to know the symptoms of kidney failure.

Besides some common symptoms, men patients and women patients have some different symptoms. Kidney failure can cause sexual dysfunction. Men will have decreased libido and women patients will have irregular menstruation or even menelipsis. In case of kidney failure, the impaired kidneys can not inactivate estrogen hormone and many men patients will become feminised and have the signs of female such as enlarged breast, reduced body hair, etc.

Other symptoms that both men and women patients will have include high blood pressure, fatigue and anemia, swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, etc.

Besides, there are some latent symptoms that are easy to be neglected or patients can not relate these symptoms with kidney failure. Here are top 7 latent symptoms of kidney failure. They are as follows.

·Nose bleeding. Kidney failure can damage the body’s blood coagulation mechanism and increase the incidence of hemorrhagic tendency such as nose bleeding.

·Anemia. Impaired kidneys can not secrete enough erythropoietin, patients will have low red blood cell count and suffer from renal anemia. Anemia can cause the patients to feel tired, weak and cold.

·Bone fracture. Kidney failure can cause metabolic disorders of calcium and phosphorus and lack of active vitamin D3. Patients will develop bone problems such as bone fracture, osteoporosis, etc.

·Low blood sugar. In case of kidney failure, the kidneys can not inactivate insulin and some diabetes patients may even have low blood sugar.

·Heart failure. High levels of metabolic wastes and toxins in the patient’s body, metabolic acidosis can inhibit the shrinkage and expansion ability of myocardial cells and lead to heart failure.

·Uremic encephalopathy. Toxin accumulation in the body can damage the patient’s central nervous system and cause symptoms like phonism, spasm, seizure, aphasia, etc.

·Low immunity. The immune system of kidney failure patients is weak and they are more susceptible to various infections.

If you have the above mentioned symptoms, routine urine test is the simplest method to know whether you have any kidney problems or not. Early detection can enable a better prognosis.

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