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Natural Ways to Treat Muscle Twitching with ESRD

2013-04-18 15:28

Natural Ways to Treat Muscle Twitching with ESRDMany people with ESRD complain that muscle twitching keeps them awake at night, so they are eager to know whether there are natural ways to treat muscle twitching with ESRD. Therefore, today, our topic is how to ease their muscle twitching with natural remedies.

Generally, calcium deficiency is the most common cause of muscle twitching for people with ESRD, because the damaged kidney is difficult to keep the electrolyte balance. Besides, muscle switching may also be triggered by mental stress, drug side effects such as from diuretics and corticosteroids, lack of nutrients in the diet, too much exercises, etc.

From the above analysis, we can know you should accept relevant management according to the root cause of your uncomfortable feelings. If your muscle twitching is caused by calcium deficiency, you should pay attention to supply calcium.

Calcium is usually supplied in the blood we eat and from calcium supplements. What’s more, vitamin D and parathyroid hormone help regulate how much calcium is absorbed and how much calcium the kidney eliminate. Therefore, if you are suffering from calcium deficiency, you should not only eat foods high in calcium but also eat more food high in vitamin D and take some medicines such as calcium based phosphorus binders. Here, it is a list of high-calcium foods: milk, canned or dry powder milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, pizza, rhubarb, spinach, sardines or salmon canned with bones, etc. However, most of these foods are also high in phosphorus and may not be recommended for you. Therefore, you had better ask the kidney experts online for a suitable diet plan.

If your muscle twitching is due to the side effects of drugs, you must change your medicines and choose some others which have few side effects. For people with ESRD, herbal medicines are more suitable for them, because all of these medicines come from natural plant and nearly have no side effects.

Now, you have known how to treat muscle twitching with ESRD, but the good effect needs the joint effort of both doctor and you because trying to relieve your stress is also important in the whole treatment.

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