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Infections in Kidney Failure

2013-04-27 11:24

Infections in Kidney FailurePeople with kidney failure are usually more susceptible to infections. If uncontrolled timely, infections may worsen patients’ condition or even kill them. Therefore, to deal with infections in kidney failure has a significant meaning for these patients. Follow me, so you can get what you want to know.

Why are people with kidney disease prone to infections?

Infections occur when harmful bacteria or viruses enter the body in a variety of ways: through touch, the air we breathe or mouths. Our body’s immune system is on constant alter for infections and has different strategies to combat it. However, for people with kidney failure, their immunity is usually lower than general population’s.

The first reason is that people with kidney failure usually use steroid or immunosuppressive agents to avoid further kidney damage, but these medications may lower patients’ immunity so that the immune system can’t fight against infections very well. The other reason is that in kidney failure, nearly all of kidney function has lost. As a result, more and more wastes build up in the body and electrolyte balance is disturbed easily, and then the immune system can’t do its job normally.

How to prevent infections in kidney failure?

Eat nutritious foods: We are what we eat. Our body needs to absorb nutritions form food to build the immune system and keep healthy. Taking correct amount of water, protein, calories, vitamins, etc, is very necessary to avoid infections. However, how much different nutritions you need is determined by your own condition. Ask the kidney experts for help to make a scientific diet.

Improve kidney function: At present, some treatments such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy have helped many patients to improve their kidney function successfully. What’s more, some patients have avoided dialysis or at least reduces the time of dialysis. With a increased kidney function, infections can be prevented effectively. Remember that once you find the signs of infections, tell the doctor immediately.

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