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How to Manage Edema in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure Radically

2017-12-24 11:52

Edema is one of the common symptoms in kidney disease, which is also called swelling. Most patients do not manage it radically and always have relapse. How to manage edema in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure radically?

How is edema serious in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure?

Edema means the condition that fluid retention and expand tissues in some parts of the body, like eyelid, face, hand, leg, ankles, or feet. Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure signifies the kidney condition is in moderate kidney damage, which many nephrons are damaged to fail to filter or remove excess fluid from the body, causing fluid retention in the body.

In general, edema is one of the most serious symptoms and may be painful if you press them. Without effective treatment, it will relapse again and again.

How to manage edema in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure radically?

Proteinuria is also caused by kidney damage, which is also one of causes of edema. Therefore, if you want to manage edema radically, the underlying treatment should focus on repairing kidney damage to control protein leakage and filter excess fluid. Only in this way can you manage edema radically without relapse.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is strongly recommended to you. It is a great innovation of TCM, which is aiming to remove excess fluid and other wastes from the body through expanding blood vessels to improve blood circulation and repairing kidney damages. Since it is used externally without any pain and it is created on the basis of TCM, it has gained a great popularity by foreign patients from more than 148 countries.

Immunotherapy can also be combined with osmotherapy to increase the treatment efficiency. Besides, healthy living and reasonable diet can also help control edema in short term but they fail to repair kidney lesions from the origin.

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