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Will Kidney Failure Cause An Enlarged Kidney

2013-05-25 09:16

Will kidney failure cause an enlarged kidney? Kidney is a fist-sized organ with bean structure. However, some patients may found their kidneys become larger and larger over time. Also, in some cases, patients can feel their kidney when they touch their abdomen. Why is this? And will kidney failure cause an enlarged kidney?

Causes for an enlarged kidney

Ultrasound is a useful procedure to find enlargement for kidney. Sometime, this abnormal condition may involve only one kidney. While others may cause bilateral changes. In clinic, many conditions can cause an enlarged kidney and the followings are the most common ones:

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease: Polycystic Kidney Disease is genetic kidney problem and cause enlargement of kidney through cysts by forming numberless cysts in kidney. An enlarged kidney needs to be removed when it takes up the whole enterocoelia.

2. Pyelonephritis: Compared with male, female is more likely to develop pyelonephritis due to the anatomy of the urinary tract, pregnancy and obstruction of kidney stone. With pyelonephritis, patients may experience enlarged kidney.

3. Hydronephrosis: Hydronephrosis refers to the distention and dilation of the kidney. In the early stage of this disease, patients may experience enlargement of kidney, but when illness condition develops to kidney stage, atrophy of kidney will be caused.

Will kidney failure cause an enlarged kidney?

Kidney failure is the ultimate consequence of both chronic kidney disease and acute kidney disease. Most of the time, it does not cause an enlarged kidney. On the contrary, it usually causes kidney atrophy because of necrosis of kidney tissues.

Both enlarged kidney and atrophy kidney are abnormal medical condition and bring kidney failure patients various discomforts. To get them treated well, patients can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. In cases of kidney failure, this treatment only can be adopted by patients who still have urine output. Therefore, it is of great importance for kidney failure patients to seize their chance to improve their kidney condition and this may allow them to reduce dialysis frequency and even get off dialysis.

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