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Could Sore And Weak Legs Be Linked To Kidney Failure

2013-05-31 10:27

sore and weak legs in kidney failureCould sore and weak legs be linked to kidney failure? Sore and weak leg is a discomfort that affects our daily physical activities. For kidney failure patients, they are susceptible for various symptoms, so when sore and weak legs occur, they wonder if it is related with their kidney problem.

Kidney failure is a problem in kidney, but as a matter of fact, it indeed cause discomforts in legs. In kidney failure, the leading two chief complains about legs are leg cramp and restless leg syndrome which may cause sore and weak feeling in legs.

Leg cramp: Leg cramp is uncomfortable and uncontrolled muscle contractions. It occurs easily at night and lead to rude waking easily. Kidney failure patients are running high risk for leg cramp due to electrolyte imbalance like high sodium level and high potassium level in blood.

Restless leg syndrome: Restless leg syndrome is another leg problem that can be found among kidney failure patients. It causes terrible burning, pins and needles and restless feelings in the muscles of the leg. Similar with leg cramp, it also occurs easily at night.

Both leg cramp and restless leg syndrome can cause sore and weak legs for kidney failure patients. Frequent attack of leg problem affects patient’s sleep quality as well as their daily activities. Viewed from this angle, some natural remedies are needed to remit this problem. The followings are the several tips that can help to prevent and alleviate sore and weak legs caused by kidney failure:

1. Try to keep electrolyte balance by adjusting diet. If the illness condition is serious enough, medicines that can help to balance electrolyte will be needed.

2. Stretch and manage the leg muscles.

3. Have a warm shower or bath to relax the muscle before going to bed.

4. Avoid drastic physical activities.

5. Protect residual kidney function to stop illness progression. This also help to prevent the deterioration of leg problems.

Lastly, although sore and weak legs can be linked to kidney failure, it can be caused by many other ways. Therefore, for kidney failure patients with leg problems, it is necessary to found out the root cause of sore and weak legs. (If you are bothering by this discomfort, you can leave your illness condition and contact information here, we will ask our experts to help you find a better solution)

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