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Natural Remedy For Swelling From Kidney Failure

2013-05-31 18:27

Natural Remedy For Swelling From Kidney FailureWhat are the natural remedies for swelling from kidney failure? Swelling occurs when extra fluid and sodium stay in the body. It not only affects patients’ fight beauty, but also aggravate their illness condition. From this point of view, effective management of swelling from kidney failure is of great medical significance.

What are the natural remedies for swelling from kidney failure? Read on and you will get the answer:

1. Control salt intake: Salt is the major source of sodium in our daily life. High salt intake causes further rise of sodium level, which not only elevates blood pressure, but also aggravate swelling symptom. Viewed from this angle, having a tight control of salt intake will be necessary.

2. Limit fluid intake: Try chewing gum or sucking on ice cubes and ice chips when it becomes extremely hard to endure thirst.

3. Wear loose clothes: Some people, especially young people are reluctant to wear loose clothes, as they think this may make them look fat and unable in showing their good figures. However, for kidney failure patients with swelling, tight clothes will affect their blood circulation, which may thus worsen their kidney condition and aggravate swelling.

4. Have mild physical exercises: Having a good rest is very important for kidney failure patients, but this does not mean they need to lie on bed all the time. For kidney failure patients, regular mild physical exercises helps to strengthen their immune system, increase their immunity, improve blood circulation and remit swelling.

5. Have a hot bath, which also help to reduce swelling from kidney failure to some extent.

6. Protect residual kidney function with some herbs like dandelion, burdock root, and micro-Chinese medicine.

All the above natural remedies show effects in reducing swelling from kidney failure, but disappointedly, they cannot solve problem from the root. Retention of excess fluid and sodium occurs because of severe decrease of kidney function, so only when kidney function is improved, can this problem be remitted radically. (Leave us message to learn about treatment methods for improving kidney condition:

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