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Does Atrophied Kidney Mean Kidney Failure

2013-06-28 16:37

Does atrophied kidney mean kidney failure? Kidney Failure is the final consequence of various kidney problems and it can cause kidney changes, no matter in shape, size or working ability. Therefore, when people are diagnosed with atrophied kidney, they wonder if this mean kidney failure. Now, about this puzzle, we will explanation in the following:

1.What is atrophied kidney?

When a kidney becomes smaller in size due to any disease or non functioning of kidney, we can say it is a atrophied kidney. This condition may occur in one kidney or both two kidneys.

2.What can cause atrophied kidney?

In clinic, many conditions can be responsible for atrophied kidney like congenital renal dysplasia, renal ischemia, renal arterial narrowing and kidney failure and so on. With different causes, patients always experience different symptoms and have different life expectancy and life span.

3.Does atrophied kidney mean kidney failure?

Atrophied kidney is an abnormal kidney condition and can be caused by many illness conditions. Although kidney failure is a dominant cause of it, not everyone with atrophied kidney is definitely suffering from kidney failure. In some cases, it may be congenital or caused by other illnesses.

For people with atrophied kidney caused by kidney failure, they always experience various bothersome symptoms like nausea, vomiting, itching skin, insomnia, muscle cramp, dizziness, tiredness, shortness of breath, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, bone problems and swelling and so on.

4. How to treat atrophied kidney associated with kidney failure?

For people with atrophied kidney associated with kidney failure, the residual kidney function is proportional to the severity of renal atrophy, which means the less severe the renal atrophy is, the better the residual kidney function is.

In cases of kidney failure, kidneys atrophy as renal tissues are injured or necrotic. In an affected kidney, there are necrotic (dead), injured and healthy kidney tissues. These necrotic kidney intrinsic cells can not be revived, but these injured kidney cells can be repaired by activating them and strength their self-repairing ability. Atrophied kidney can not be cured, but in this way, bloodstream in kidney can be increased and kidney condition can be increased greatly.

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