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Does Kidney Failure Affect A Man’s Sex Drive

2013-07-20 18:53

Does Kidney Failure Affect A Man’s Sex DriveDoes kidney failure affect a man’s sex drive? Low sex drive is a troublesome problem for men as it affects their life quality and threats their marriage seriously. Among kidney failure patients, low sex drive is a common complain and many of them wonder why they suffer from such a problem. Is it caused by kidney failure?

As for the question “Does kidney failure affect a man’s sex drive”, I am afraid I will say “Yes”. Kidney failure indeed causes sexual problems and it usually makes influence in the following several ways:

1. Worry and stress: It is normal for men to feel worried, stressed and depressed when faced with kidney failure. This is normal but these emotions may cause lower interest in sexual intercourse.

2. Fatigue: Fatigue is a common factor for kidney failure patients to experience low sex drive and it usually occurs as symptom of renal anemia which is diagnosed when red blood cell account is lower than the normal range due to impaired kidney function.

3. Medicines: In kidney failure, low sex drive may also occur as a side effect of some medicines. Kidney failure is a severe stage that can involve all the body systems if not controlled well. With kidney failure, patients usually need to take various medicines to deal with their illness and some of them may cause sex problem.

4. Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction sometimes is called impotence referring to the inability to have or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual functioning. For kidney failure patients, both high blood pressure and high blood sugar can affect blood flow and weaken blood vessels, Erectile dysfunction is caused when blood vessels and nerves to penis become damaged.

With low sex drive, the first thing for kidney failure patients to do is to found out whether this problem is caused by physical problem or psychological problem and then take corresponding measures. We offer online service, you can consult our on line doctors for the solution or leave message to to get some helpful suggestions.

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