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How To Treat Edema In Renal Failure Naturally

2013-07-25 12:06

How To Treat Edema In Renal Failure NaturallyAs a visible symptom of renal failure, edema affects patients’ physical beauty. What is more, it asks patients to limit fluid intake, which is extremely hard to do sometimes. So for renal failure patients, how to treat edema naturally, so that they can live normally?

Edema also can be called swelling. It is the manifestation of fluid retention, so as long as we find out the root cause that fluid stay in the body and then remove it, edema problem is solved naturally.

In normal condition, excessive fluid in our body is discharged as urine through our kidney, so occurrence of fluid retention is closely related with kidney condition. For renal failure patients, their kidney tissues are injured and can not function properly again. In that case, excessive fluid can not be excreted and they pile up in the blood, leading to edema. In this light, we can know clearly that if we want to treat edema in renal failure effectively, we must repair kidney damages to improve kidney function.

In medicine, diuretics are always used to remit edema. These medicines show obvious effects, but disappointedly, they can not repair kidney damages and improve kidney function, so they are not long-term solution. Aside from diuretics, some Chinese herbs like burdock root, cranberries, dandelion and micro-Chinese medicine can also be used to treat edema in renal failure. They help to eliminate excess fluid in blood, clean blood and also help to prevent UTR (Urinary Tract Infection). Different from other herbs, micro-Chinese medicine is a combination of several herbs which have been proven to be able to repair kidney intrinsic cells, promote blood circulation, prevent coagulation and degrade extracellular matrix. With the help of this treatment, kidney function can be improved effectively. Edema is a symptom of renal failure and when kidney condition gets improved, this symptom is remitted naturally. (For more information about herbs for edema in renal failure, please contact our online doctors directly)

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