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Can Shrinking Kidney Cause Pain In the Back

2013-08-09 16:33

Can Shrinking Kidney Cause Pain In the BackCan shrinking kidney cause pain in the back? Several days ago, a lady who was diagnosed with shrinking kidney two month ago complained she has pain in the back and wondered if this is related with his kidney problem. I am sure some other patients also have this confusion, so I’d like to give an explanation about it.

Can shrinking kidney cause pain in the back?

The kidneys are located on either side of the body underneath the diaphragm near the lower back, so in many cases, what the so-called back pain actually refers to kidney pain. The normal size of an adult human is about 9 to 13 cm long and about 5 to 7.5cm wide. Kidney shrinkage means the kidney is smaller than the normal range. In our daily life, many conditions can cause kidney shrinkage and Chronic Kidney Failure is a dominant one.

Not everyone with shrinking kidney will experience back pain, but in some cases, patients indeed suffer from pain feeling in back and this may attributable to many factors like kidney stone, kidney infection and kidney cyst:

Kidney stone: Kidney disease is easily accompanied with kidney stone which may stuck in kidney and cause pain in back. For small kidney stones, they are discharged easily; but for big kidney stones, if not treated effectively and timely, they will cause further kidney damages.

Kidney infection: Kidney infection is another possible cause for patients with shrinking kidney to experience pain in back. Antibiotics can be used to deal with it.

Kidney cyst: Kidney cyst refers to a fluid collection in kidney. For people with shrinking kidney caused by Polycystic Kidney Disease, back pain occurs when enlarged kidney cysts pull renal capsule. Besides, back pain may also occur when kidney cyst ruptures.

The above are the three possible causes for people with shrinking kidney cyst to experience back pain. With different causes, they need to take different measures, so the most important thing is to found out the root cause of back pain. Here we offer online service, if you are suffering this problem, you can describe your illness condition here, our experts will help you figure out the possible cause and then offer some suggestions

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