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Dry Moth And Kidney Failure

2013-08-11 14:20

Dry Moth And Kidney FailureIs dry mouth a symptom of kidney failure? With the progression of kidney disease, patients may suffer from various discomforts. Therefore, when there is a new discomfort, kidney failure patients always wounder if this is related with their kidney problem.

Can kidney failure cause dry moth?

To be honest, kidney failure usually causes no dry mouth, but in some cases, some patients indeed suffer from dry mouth due to severe fluid limitation.

Fluid retention is a common and visible symptom of kidney failure. It occurs when kidneys fail to discharge excessive fluid in the body, so improve kidney function is the key point to solve this problem. However, kidney function can not be improved over night according to current medical technology, so kidney failure patients need to take some measures to manage this problem. With severe fluid retention, patients generally need to limit fluid intake, as drinking too much water will cause extra burden on kidney, which is harmful for bringing illness condition under control. Dry mouth occurs easily among these who need to limit fluid intake strictly.

Natural remedies for dry mouth caused by kidney failure

For kidney failure patients who are suffering dry mouth due to severe fluid limitation, the following natural remedies can help to reduce sufferings:

1. Limit slat intake and this will help to cut down the potential for dry mouth.

2. Daub lips with soaked swab when dry mouth becomes extremely severe

3. Chew gum and this will helps to activate salivary glands and alleviates dry mouth.

4. Suck on ice cubes and ice chips

5. Avoid medicines that may cause dry moth

All these measures can help to remit fluid retention and dry mouth. If you think they are helpful, please keep them in mind and put into application when necessary. Besides, even though they are helpful, you need to realize they can not solve problem radially. If you want to stay far away from dry mouth and fluid limitation, repairing kidney damages to improve kidney function is the right thing that you should do.

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