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Anemia In Kidney Failure, What Alternative Treatments Treat Damaged Kidney

Anemia is common to see in kidney failure, especially, in stage 4 kidney failure. More and more patients are looking for alternative treatments to treat damaged, which can help improve anemia. So what are the alternative treatments? Can they...Read More

Can I Get A Cure With Controlled High Blood Pressure And Anemia In Creatinine 400

I follow the medicine that my doctor prescribed, why i can not stop the process to Stage 4 Kidney Failure? I am facing Dialysis that can i avoid it? More and more patients want to get the answer. I will share one real story about Sandeep Mis...Read More

How to Lower High Creatinine Level for Diabetics

As we know, if patients have many years of diabetes, they will find that their creatinine level is elevated. So is creatinine level linked with diabetes to some extent? How to lower high creatinine level for diabetics? Many people must be f...Read More

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