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Recommendation of Keep away from Dialysis in Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Disease message I am seeking for my wife. My wife is a 65yr old female with Chronic Kidney Failure. She appears to be in stage 3 at present. I am looking for help to keep her away from Dialysis. Any recommendation?...Read More

Toxins-Removing Treatment: Removing Impurities and Lowering Creatinine 2.79

Most of CKD patients do not accept proper therapy to lower elevated Creatinine levels in early stage, so kidney condition develops into Kidney Failure. Toxins-Removing Treatment is an effective therapy to help patients remove impurities and ...Read More

Remedies for Stage 4 CKD and Avoid Dialysis as Long as Possible

Hello, I am looking for remedies for Stage 4 CKD, not on Dialysis, of course, hoping to avoid dialysis as long as possible. Lately, I am experiencing episodes of moderate shortness of breath, almost always in the early morning. Waiting for your soluti...Read More

How to Lower the Creatinine 900 without Dialysis, Any Advice

My husband has a high Creatinine level about 900, how to lower the creatinine without Dialysis? Any advice please.Actually we just out from the hospital and the doctor advised to do dialysis but my husband refuse to the procedure. ...Read More

What Is the Best Way to Bring Creatinine 4.36 Back to Normal

I have received so many complaints that he has high creatinine level now, she is reluctant to take dialysis to reduce her creatinine level, or ask the treatment advice of high creatinine. Well then, what is the best way to bring creatinine 4...Read More

How Will Kidney Failure Progress And How to Escape Dialysis

Kidney Failure, the stage 4 kidney disease, will cause a lot of discomforts to patients due to their decreased kidney function. Considering this condition, kidney failure patients may wonder how will it progress and how to escape Dialysis ef...Read More

Stage 4 Kidney Failure, How Can You Help Do Not Go on Dialysis

Hi Dr. I am a Stage 4 Kidney Failure person, I just hope I do not go on Dialysis. What can you help me. Since my muscles in my thighs ache a lot and feel weak, I do not walk well also....Read More

Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level 5.9, How to Do

Commonly, Dialysis may be recommended by the doctor as patients are in kidney failure stage with High Creatinine Levels. Is dialysis a must? For patients with kidney failure and high creatinine 5.9, how to do?...Read More

How Can I Lower Down Creatinine 4.9 and Urea 147 No Dialysis

Nowadays, a increasing number of people get kidney disease due to various factors. And they will suffer from High Creatinine and Urea level. In order to live a high quality life, nobody want to take Dialysis. How can they lower down creatini...Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicines For Chronic Renal Failure

Chronic renal failure is not easy to be treated because it usually develops over months or even years. And we all know that it usually takes much longer time to cure a disease than to get a disease, especially if the the disease is a chroni...Read More

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