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How To Treat Creatinine 7.36 In CKD

Creatinine 7.36 is very high for CKD patients, which means that your kidney is damaged seriously. More and more patients are afraid dialysis, so they are eager to know how to treat creatinine 7.36 in CKD. Following this article to get the an...Read More

What Are The Alternative Treatments To Relieve Nausea In CKD

It is common to see CKD patients suffering from nausea, which reduce the life quality seriously. So more and more patients consult ONLINE DOCTOR what are the alternative treatments to relieve nausea in CKD. Why is the reason of nausea in ...Read More

What Foods to Be Taken after Dialysis

At present, more and more patients are concerned about what foods to be taken after dialysis. Because some phenomenon such as water retention and hyperkalemia are commonly seen to the patients who have dialyzed, which due to the unreasonabl...Read More

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