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Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Safe To Reduce Creatinine 5.3

Hi, doctor, i am a chronic kidney disease patient, creatinine 5.3, no other complications. My friend recommended that chinese herbal medicines can treat kidney disease well, is it true? Is chinese herbal medicines safe to reduce creatinine 5...Read More

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Useful On Stopping Or Reversing Renal Damage

Once the kidney has failed, patients will have so much trouble as the kidney can not completely remove the unwanted things in the body. Meanwhile, many patients believe that it cannot be cured without Kidney Transplant. More and more patient...Read More

My Aunt Creatinine Is 2.9, Is It Curable By Chinese Herbal Medicine

Hi, doctor, my aunt creatinine is 2.9, is it curable by chinese herbal medicines? One person consulted ONLINE DOCTOR this question directly in free. ...Read More

Is Foamy Urine in Nephritis Curable and How

“Is foamy urine in nephritis curable and how?” If you have the similar query, welcome to chat with our Online Doctor for suggestions in free or read the full article to harvest the details...Read More

Which Chinese Herbal Medicine Is Helpful for Reducing Large Protein Leakage

It is no strange that the protein leakage will come out with cold, infection, or even seasonal variation in kidney problem. Sometimes, the common treatments do not play a good role in dispelling this phenomenon...Read More

How Chinese Herbal Medicines Manage Creatinine 6.2 and Proteinuria

Creatinine 6.2 and Proteinuria are common in patients with Kidney Failure, which means there are lots of toxins and wastes in blood. A large number of patients seek for natural Chinese herbs. How Chinese herbal medicines manage creatinine 6....Read More

Symptoms of Stage 2 Kidney Failure

What are the stage 2 kidney failure symptoms? Stage 2 kidney failure is the early stage of kidney problem marked by milder decreased kidney function, so its symptoms are not as serious as that in late stage kidney failure. Also, a person wi...Read More

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