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Can Kidney Failure be Reversed Naturally

Almost of patients with kidney disease want to know one question : can kidney failure be reversed? If so, how to reverse it ? Do you have this doubt? If you have, please read the following. As a matter of fact, kidney damage can not be reve...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine 3.3 in Kidney Failure after Kidney Transplant

Some patients find that they are suffering from the elevated creatinine level in kidney failure, even if they have successful kidney transplantation. Some patients are eager to know why they suffer from creatinine 3.3 in kidney failure afte...Read More

How can Stem Cells Treat Kidney Failure

Recently, due to high efficiency, more and more people are choosing stem cells to deal with kidney disease. This article mainly introduce you how can stem cells treat kidney failure. Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into...Read More

The Life Expectancy for 20% Kidney Function without Dialysis

20% kidney function is a condition in which you are already at stage 5 kidney failure. the life expectancy may be limited for kidney failure. Regarding on this, patients with kidney failure are eager to know how to improve the life expectan...Read More

Why Do I Suffer from Cold Swollen Hands in Kidney Failure

Some patients suffer from cold swollen hands, it causes patients many discomforts, for instance, patients can not hold anything with swelling hands. Firstly, you have to know the causes of cold swollen hands in kidney failure. Swollen hands...Read More

How Long Can Someone Live with Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a condition in which there are at least 85%-90% kidney function has been lost. A person with kidney will need dialysis to maintain life unless he is able to get a kidney transplant. The problem that how long can someone li...Read More

How to Manage Anemia in Kidney Failure on Dialysis

Since anemia is a common symptom in kidney failure, so patients will neglect it easily, as time goes by, anemia become more and more serious. In this situation, dialysis is needed to alleviate some symptoms, but, some patients even experien...Read More

Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in 2015

With the development medical science, the Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease has been not so difficult and more and more patients take stem cell transplant therapy to reverse their kidney function. In beginning of the year of 2015, we hop...Read More

Natural Herbs to Treat Chronic Kidney Failure

Right natural herbs not only help Chronic Kidney Failure patients improve their illness condition, but also cause no side effects. Therefore, compared with steroids, natural herbs are more preferable. The followings are the several natural...Read More

How to Reverse Chronic Kidney Failure with Herbs

Can Chronic Kidney Failure be reversed? When it comes to this questions, most of the people will get the answer No. However, as a matter of fact, Chronic Kidney Failure can be reversed with herbs to some extent. Kidney is a complex organ wi...Read More

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