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Chinese Medicine Treat Chronic Kidney Disease Through Improving Kidney Functions

Chinese medicine has thousands years of history in China, which has good effects on treating diseases. Now, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine developed the systematic treatments to treat kidney diseases. Following...Read More

Is It Possible to Live with 37% Kidney Function Without Dialysis

Visitor: Is it possible to live with 37% kidney function without dialysis? Renal-onlinedoctor: Yes, as long as you receive the valid treatments timely and protect yourself well. Kidney function 37% shows you at in the third stage of kidney...Read More

Is Herbal Medicine Fine to Increase Haemoglobin for Kidney Patients

Is herbal medicine fine to increase haemoglobin for kidney patients? Have the similar query, our Online Doctor is glad to help you, and you can read the totally article for more information. Low haemoglobin is a very common symptom of many...Read More

Fatigue Appears Under the Kidney Failure Is It Related to Creatinine 493

Fatigue is very common once the creatinine level goes up to high and higher in the situation of kidney failure . But is it caused by the elevated creatinine level? How to treat the fatigue? For kidney failure patients, the creatinine will b...Read More

22% Kidney Function And Dermatitis Rash Should Dialysis Be Done

Dermatitis rash will lead to hot, red, pain, itching and other problems. Besides, it will impact the patients appearance. And then, should dialysis be done if there are 22% kidney function and dermatitis rash . What causes dermatitis rash w...Read More

Will Hypertensive Nephropathy with Creatinine 14 Need Dialysis

Normally, creatinine 14 is so high that patients appear at high risk to develop into end stage renal disease. The elevated creatinine level is caused by diseased kidney function, regarding on this, a replacement of kidney would be needed. A...Read More

How Does Toxin-Removing Treatment Work in Chronic Kidney Disease

In general, chronic kidney disease is a disease, a condition in which the kidney is less able to perform its function, as a result, patients easily suffer from clinical symptoms such as fatigue, headache, as well as complications such as he...Read More

Stage 5 CKD Patient Under Dialysis : How Can I Save Him

Dialysis is a commonly used in stage 5 CKD patients to help them alleviate various poisoning symptoms and avoid complications. But, dialysis is not a perfect treatment as patients thought. Recently, a patient is wondering that if a sage 5 k...Read More

Can Chronic Kidney Disease With Creatinine 5.6 Avoid Dialysis

chronic kidney disease ...Read More

Renal Anemia

What is renal anemia? How does kidney problem cause renal anemia? What are the symptoms of renal anemia? Management of renal anemia What Is Renal Anemia? Renal Anemia, just as its name implies, refers to anemia caused by kidney problem and...Read More

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