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What Does It Mean That Red Rashes Occur In Chronic Kidney Failure 3 Stage

Hi, doctor, i am in chronic kidney failure 3 stage, i find red rashes in this morning, what does it mean? Does it indicate dialysis will be taken? Do you have red rashes in your body? Following this article to get the answers, or you can con...Read More

How to Relive Hyperkalemia in Kidney Failure

Kidney is the important organ to keep metabolism and electrolyte level in balance. When kidney failure happens, the function that keeps these into balance is decreased. The decreasing urine output will also reduce the excretion of potassium...Read More

Why are White Blood Cell (WBC) Low on Renal Failure

White blood cell is the Patrol to defense bacteria invasion. White blood cell can target the specific position, then swollen and crash them. The decrease of white blood cells means the low antibacterial ability. Renal failure patients are t...Read More

Low Blood Pressure in Renal Failure: Cause and Treatment

Generally speaking, Chronic Kidney Failure patients suffer from high blood pressure at different degree, but sometimes, patients may experience low blood pressure which can lead to arrhythmia and kidney function decline due to the insuffici...Read More

Is Anemia Normal with Chronic Kidney Failure

You may feel fatigue or exhausted in kidney failure. This may be a sign of anemia. Is anemia normal with Chronic Kidney Failure? How does it occur? How to deal with it? As we all know, kidneys play an important role in keeping the body heal...Read More

Renal Anemia: Causes and Treatments

As a common symptom of kidney disease, anemia will bring patients with much inconvenience. In this article, you will find more information about its causes and treatments. Causes of renal anemia: 1. As the disease progresses, the injured ki...Read More

Treatment for Hyperkalemia in End-Stage Renal Disease

How to treat hyperkalemia in End-Stage Renal Disease? To manage hyperkalemia well is something urgent, meanwhile we should not ignore the treatment for End-Stage Renal Disease. As a End-Stage Renal Disease patient with hyperkalemia, the fol...Read More

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