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High Creatinine 459, Must I Perform Kidney Dialysis

“I have High Creatinine 459 in recent test reports, and I am worried very much. Must I perform Kidney Dialysis?”Honestly say, dialysis is not the exclusive way to reduce high creatinine levels along with the medical development....Read More

Toxins-Removing Treatment Helps Bring Down Creatinine Level 533umol/L

High creatinine is one of the common manifestations of Kidney Failure. In order to live a high quality life, a increasing number of patients prefer to take natural therapy. Toxins-Removing Treatment of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM ca...Read More

Can People with Kidney Disease Drink Dandelion Root Tea

For people with kidney disease, what they eat and drink is necessary to assist their whole treatment. Dandelion root tea belongs to herbal tea. Can people with kidney disease drink dandelion root tea?...Read More

Is Ash Gourd Good for High Creatinine

Is ash gourd good for high creatinine? Some kidney disease patients especially ones from South East Asia want to know the answer, because ash gourd, also called winter melon or white gourd, is a native and common vegetable of South East Asi...Read More

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