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High Creatinine Levels and Low Urine Output in Kidney Failure

When people are attacked by kidney failure, they will suffer more symptoms including high creatinine level and low urine output. Here will introduce kidney failure patients the causes and managements for high creatinine and low urine output...Read More

How to Reverse The No More Urine Condition in Renal Failure

When people are attacked by renal failure, with the kidney function decline, patients will suffer less and less urination, accompanied with the water-electrolyte imbalance, acid-base imbalance and other complications, threatening the life o...Read More

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for PKD with Frequent Urine

Frequent urine is the common symptom of PKD and it influences the life and work of patients seriously. Traditional medicine nearly do nothing to cure the symptom from root. Now this article will introduce the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmother...Read More

Increased Urination in Nephrotic Syndrome : Cause and Treatment

The most common symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome include that lots of protein urine, persistent edema, hypoproteinemia and high cholesterol. Patients always think that water retention can lead to edema, so the increased urination maybe is not...Read More

29% Kidney Function and Excessive Urination at Night

29% kidney function means that 71% kidney function has been lost, and it means that the patient gets into Stage 4 Kidney Failure. At this stage, excessive urination at night is a one of the common symptoms. As you can imagine, how terrible...Read More

Failure to Pass Urine: What Treatments Can Save My Life

As human being, we need to discharge the excess fluid and wastes from our blood by many methods to maintain our balance, and urine is a necessary method. We can imagine what will happen if these excess fluid and wastes cannot be removed fro...Read More

Systematic Treatment for Blood in Urine: Blood Pollution Therapy

Are you scared when you see blood in your urine? Yes, as you can imagine, every body will be very afraid. While, blood urine is a common symptom of many kidney diseases, such as PKD, kidney stone, Chronic Pyelonephritis, Diabetic Nephropath...Read More

What Treatment Is Available for Oliguria in Stage 5 Kidney Failure

Many patients with stage 5 kidney failure can suffer from oliguria, which is a bad mark for the patients. So, the patients need to treat it timely, what treatment is available for oliguria in stage 5 kidney failure? Why can the stage 5 kidn...Read More

Does Chronic Kidney Failure Show Reduced Urine

Urine change is a main manifestation of whether kidneys are healthy or not. Many people in Chronic Kidney Failure are shown as reduced urine or even anuria. But does chronic kidney failure all show reduced urine? Before giving an answer to...Read More

Treatment for Decreased Urine output in Kidney Failure

With the development of condition, Chronic Kidney Failure patients may notice the decreased urine output. Are there any efficient treatment can help them increase the urine output? If you care about such a issue, follow us to learn more. Th...Read More

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