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How To Treat The Decline Of kidney Functions, Symptoms

Core Tips: The decline of kidney functions are caused by lots of factors, how to treat it? What are the symptoms? ...Read More

High Creatinine Level 6.5: What Should I Pay Attention to on Diet

Creatinine level 6.5 means that the renal function declines seriously and many metabolites cannot be discharged through kidneys. Except effective treatments, diet also plays an important role in lowering high creatinine level and slow down...Read More

Lower High Creatinine Level 6.5: Any Effective Treatments to Save Me without Dialysis

According to clinical standards of renal function, creatinine level 6.5 means that the patients are in stage 4 kidney failure. At this time, high creatinine level 6.5 usually is accompanied by a series of terrible symptoms, such as edema, h...Read More

How to Lower High Creatinine Level 3.8 Effectively

The patients with kidney disease usually is accompanied by high creatinine level. In clinic, creatinine level is an index judging kidney function. The normal creatinine level of wemen is 0.5-1.1mg/dl, and mens is 0.6-1.2mg/dl. So, creatinin...Read More

Can Black Seed Oil Cause Creatinine to Rise

Do you like black seed oil? If you are a patient with kidney disease, you may want to know whether can black seed oil cause creatinine to rise. It is true that kidney disease patients care about the high creatinine level treatments a lot. N...Read More

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